Hotel Transfers!

Free transfers will be available from the Lezíria Parque Hotel and Vip Executive Santa Iria Hotel to the venue and back, at the following schedules:

Thursday, October 5th   
09h00 – 12h00Race OfficeRace Venue
15h00 – 19h00Race OfficeRace Venue
Friday, October 6th  
08h00 – 12h00Race OfficeRace Venue
09h00 – 10h00Swim Course FamiliarizationRace Venue
10h15 – 11h00Bike Course FamiliarizationRace Venue
11h00 – 12h00Run Course FamiliarizationRace Venue
15h00 – 19h00Race OfficeRace Venue
15h30Paratriathlon Briefing (PTVI, PTS5, PTS4 ,PTS3, PTS2) 
16h30 – 18h00Paratriathlon Race Package DistributionRace Office
 (PTVI, PTS5, PTS4 ,PTS3, PTS2) 
Saturday, October 7th  
08h30 – 16h30Race OfficeRace Venue
08h30 – 09h50Athletes Lounge OpenRace Venue
08h45 – 09h30Transition Area openRace Venue
09h15 – 10h15Warm UpRace Venue
10h30m00Paratriathlon Start (PTS5-M)Race Venue
10h35m00PTVI1 – M StartRace Venue
10h37m41PTVI2/3 – M StartRace Venue
10h39m00PTVI1 – W StartRace Venue
10h42m11PTVI2/3 – W StartRace Venue
11h00m00         PTS5 – W StartRace Venue
11h05m00PTS4 – M StartRace Venue
11h08m00PTS2/3 – M StartRace Venue
11h13m00PTS2/3/4 – W StartRace Venue
12h30Paratriathlon Medal CeremonyRace Venue
15h30Paratriathlon Briefing (PTWC)Race Venue
16h30 – 18h00Paratriathlon Race Package Distribution (PTWC)Race Venue
Sunday, October 8th  
08h00 – 14h00Race OfficeRace Venue
09h30 – 10h50Athletes Lounge OpenRace Venue
10h45 – 11h45Transition Area openRace Venue
10h15 – 11h45Warm UpRace Venue
12h00m00Paratriathlon Start (PTWC1 – M Start)Race Venue
12h03m00PTWC2 – M StartRace Venue
12h04m00PTWC1 – W StartRace Venue
12h07m38PTWC2 – W Start
13h30Paratriathlon Medal CeremonyRace Venue